Our sources in Puerto Rico tell us it will be many months before electricity is restored.  
Superintendent Mercedes Reynoso says it is a priority to have a generator for each church and each pastor’s family so that they can minister to others. Our churches and pastors’ homes have become centers of respite, counseling, and aid distribution. This is a project for a family, Sunday School class, small group or church.  
We finally found a reliable way to send the generators when UPS started delivering in Puerto Rico again. Here are 2 good options to channel your help. (I said reliable not cheap!)
  • You can purchase a new generator wherever you are and ship it via UPS. This will be a significant blessing as people in Puerto Rico have been without electricity for almost 4 weeks already. Shipping costs start at $140 per generator depending on the weight and where your are shipping from.  It will take a week to get there.  UPS is open until 6 PM Mo-Sat.
    • Please note:  In Puerto Rico gasoil generators are much cheaper to run than regular gas, but they will use whatever you send.
    • Purchase the quietest generator you can find. 3000 watts or higher.
    • Ship them to the following address and let me know (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) so they can know what to expect:
      • Pastora Mercedes Reynoso
      • Hacienda Real Jazmín del Mar 322
      • Carolina, PR 00986 
  • We continue to gather money to purchase generators at about $430 each. To give money towards a generator, please click on the link below. Write GENERATOR in the comment box. We will find volunteers to buy generators in the mainland and mail them via UPS.

Please continue to pray for strength and wisdom for our brothers and sisters living an unbelievable crisis. Pray that God will protect their minds, emotions, and health as they deal with their new normal. Also, pray for the children.
Thank you!  Thank you!

written by Delia Nüesch-Olver
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The FM leaders in Puerto Rico are asking us to help them help others.  We can all do that by either giving financially to the Puerto Rico Recovery Fund or sending Walmart Gift Cards to Free Methodist World Ministry Center, 770 N High School Road, Indianapolis, IN 46214.   For more details, please watch this video from Bishop David Roller...and share it with your friends and family!

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The local newspaper of Puerto Rico, El Nuevo Día, reported today that the island ravaged by Hurricane Maria last week is “perhaps hours away from facing a major social crisis.”  International news outlets report that the lack of communication, electricity, fuel, food and fresh water have resulted in a lack of medical attention on the island (there isn’t much a hospital can do without these valuable resources).  Therefore, they are expecting a severe outbreak of disease among the 3.4 million people who live there. 

Some damage to FM property.
Picture depicts some damage to FM Property.

According to Free Methodist Bishop David Roller, “Although communication is not yet fully restored, we are getting reports out of Puerto Rico of extensive damage to homes and Free Methodist churches. Everyone and everything got wet — some much worse than that. We thank God that we haven’t heard of any loss of life among our community.”

He continues, “the long slow path to recovery begins...This is the time for us to stand alongside our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico.”

I would like to suggest 4 specific ways to do this:

1.     Pray for the people of Puerto Rico in this time of need.  Pray alone, with your family, and with your church.  Pray for all of the many needs and pray for supernatural strength for the church leaders as they minister to the people around them while at the same time dealing with the trauma that affects them as well.  Also, pray for the US Government to provide more emergency support.

2.     Give to the Puerto Rico Recovery fund.   FM Leadership is working with Superintendent Mercedes Reynoso to develop a list of priorities in how to best use the money donated.  Click here to donate now.

3.     Purchase Wal-Mart or Walgreens gift cards and send them to Puerto Rico Hurricane Recover, 770 N High School Road, Indianapolis, IN 46214.  On October 9 – and then regularly after that – they will be sent to Puerto Rico so that as soon as groceries and medical supplies are available, people in our churches will be able to purchase them.

4.     Spread the word so that others can join us in this effort for recovery in Puerto Rico.

written by Beth Gómez


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On Wednesday, September 20, Hurricane Maria, a category 4 storm, hit Puerto Rico with 155 mph winds and torrential rains.  While Maria has officially passed, there are still very powerful winds and heavy rains. Flash flooding and mudslides could be more deadly than the initial winds from the storm.

Delia Nüesch-Olver, Area Director for Latin America, has been in contact with Free Methodist friends and colleagues in Puerto Rico.  She reports that our colleagues, Supintendent Mercedes Reynoso and Pastor Dan Perdomo are safe and sound.  Contact has not been made with all of the other local pastors. Please pray for the people in Puerto Rico and for our FM family in that country. 

The Free Methodist Church will mobilize and use its resources to assist where most needed in response to Hurricane Maria. If you’d like to contribute, please do click to give to the Puerto Rico Recovery Fund.

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