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A Risk Worth Taking

by | Oct 9, 2020 | Argentina | 0 comments

Argentina has been especially hard-hit with the pandemic and has endured one of the most strict quarantines in all of Latin America. In order to comply with protocols, the churches in Argentina have gone virtual.

However, this strict isolation has begun to affect the mental health of many individuals. One mother approached a Free Methodist pastor to share the dire situation of her teenage kids. Her daughter had begun cutting during the quarantine, and her son had locked himself in his room and was not
eating. The pastor decided that the risk of COVID and breaking quarantine was worth it in order to meet with the teens in person for counseling and spiritual guidance. In this encounter, both of the teens accepted Christ and are doing much better. The two are now attending the virtual services being offered.
We know God is sovereign, and none of this is out of His control.

Sometimes being a faithful follower of His is to obey the lawful direction of the governments over us. There are times when we jeopardize everything to love and serve others. The more we are in step with the Spirit and we trust His guidance in each situation, He will work in mighty ways.
Continue to pray for Argentina in this extremely tough season. Pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in how to approach each situation, and that the church finds creative ways to love and serve in this season.



Michael Green
He is a pastor in Uruguay.