Area Budget

The current level of funding is not sufficient to maintain the status quo, let alone accomplish the objective of fueling and sustaining an apostolic movement to reach Latin America for Christ. New sources must be found to resource the vision.

Country Share Accounts:

In Latin America, a Country Share Account (CSA) is financial assistance given to a Conference or Mission District to supplement its own local budget. These funds provide some support for church planting, leadership development, and community transformation projects. CSA money also may cover part of the travel and operating expenses for the District Leader. CSAs for Latin America total $311,000, an average of less than $15,000 per country or district. Latin American CSAs were only about 50% funded in 2009. (Note: 6% of any contribution to Country Share Accounts goes to support the FMWM Home Office.)

  • Leadership Support Team:
Salary, benefits and field expenses for Area Director, Delia Nüesch-Olver and Associate Director Paul Olver.

  • Area Office:
Each missionary contributes 5% of their Missionary Support Account to fund the Area Director's office and travel. More funds are needed to provide sufficient travel funds and administrative support.

  • Leadership Development:
A Leadership Summit in 2009 brought together most of the District Leaders, Superintendents and Bishops from across Latin America. It was tremendously positive and the impact is being seen and felt throughout the region. It was the first time in many years that such an event was held - in fact many of the group had never met each other. This should take place every other year or even annually. In addition smaller regional gatherings or cohort groups would enable fruitful leaders to learn from each other and foster a sense of regional ownership for the vision. Whenever possible spouses should be included:
  • Large Church Pastors Cohort
  • Fruitful Leaders Cohort
  • Regional Coaching Clusters
  • Latin American Leaders Summit

  • Technology

- Thanks to the generosity of friends of Latin America in Davison, Michigan key District Leaders received laptops in 2010, which will greatly facilitate their work and communication. Once deeper relationships and trust have been established, video calls and video conferencing could cut down on travel.
  • Major Cities Initiative: Special training, resourcing and coaching of each of the leaders will help create new models of effective urban strategy for the Free Methodist Church in Latin America. Matching funds are needed to rent meeting places and to establish ministry centers.
  • Missionary Leadership Summit: The last Missionary Retreat for all of Latin America was in 1968, well before any of the current missionaries joined the team. A smaller regional gathering was held in 1998. The missionaries currently serving have never been together at the same time and place. It will help to focus the vision and work more effectively together towards a common goal if all the missionaries can be together for training and encouragement.
  • Emergency Fund: Most of the District Leaders live on a subsistence salary, function with minimal operating funds, and do not have basic health insurance. There is no margin for the inevitable serious illnesses or crises that occur. Although some donors respond to an emergency appeal, it would be much better to have emergency funds on hand.
Delia Nüesch-Olver
Country leaders of the Free Methodist Church in Latin America…


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