Funding Philosophy

The current level of funding for Free Methodist Missions in Latin America is survival oriented or at best maintains the status quo. It costs more to grow than to decline, but new funds must be used strategically to invest in those people and places that will produce the greatest return for Christ.

Resources flow towards vision. God will provide new sources of funding -- as the vision to reach Latin Americans for Christ is sharpened, as a regional strategic plan is articulated, and as all resources are aligned in support of the vision. People are conduits, not the source, to channel God's provision of resources. When it comes to funding for missions there is a justice issue that must be surfaced and addressed. North American missionaries receive a salary -- which they must raise -- as well as health insurance, pension, transportation, housing, operating budget, professional development fund, regular vacations and home assignments. District Leaders receive a subsistence salary from the church they are planting/pastoring; most have no health insurance or pension and have never had a vacation. Many of the District Leaders have inadequate housing and no vehicle. They have minimal funds for travel to visit the pastors and churches they supervise if there is enough of a balance in their Country Share Account (CSA) from Free Methodist World Missions.
Delia Nüesch-Olver
Country leaders of the Free Methodist Church in Latin America…


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