Fulfilling the Great Commission

Beth Gómez
Fulfilling the Great Commission

The Latin American Leadership Summit that was held in Medellin, Colombia focused on community church planting led by Bruce Bennett and pastoral formation under the leadership of Dra. Delia Nüesch-Olver, Dr. Paul Olver, Dr. Ricardo Gómez and Jason Morriss.

After the summit, Area Director Dra. Delia Nüesch-Olver asked the 28 leaders

who represented 9 countries to reflect on their experience.

The summit “strengthened the Latin American vision to plant community churches and fortified the new program for training and forming the next generation of pastors in our church.” – Pastor Dan, Creative Access Country X

J.R. Crouse, a missionary, said, “It was a time to forge relationships and encourage one another to fulfill God's calling on our lives.”

The delegation from Ecuador reflected on how the summit personally affected them.   Pastora Eunice Alvarez said, “I was challenged to see beyond what I can imagine with regard to ministry in Ecuador…challenged to trust in the faithfulness and the will of God and to work where He is already working, even if I can’t see it with my own eyes.”

Her colleague, Pastora Mariana Mafla said, “I received many blessings in all areas: spiritual, physical and material. Most importantly, I confirmed that Jesus is interested in multiplication. A good seed placed in good earth will obtain a good harvest.” She went on to outline the many good things she took home to Ecuador with her from the Summit. Her list included:

“- The confirmation of God on my calling to plant community churches.

  • A desire to help with the development of healthy, well-prepared leaders in our Free Methodist heritage who can effectively serve in whatever social context.
  • Through prayer I will find the people of peace that God has for me to disciple and plant community churches in every neighborhood of Quito.”

When asked what their next step in ministry would be based upon their experience, Pastora Eunice said it was to unite with the vision and infect the other leaders to work together in planting healthy community churches. She said she would meet with the national board in Ecuador to come up with a plan and the steps to follow in order to bring about God’s mission in Latin America. “After all,” she concluded, “with God it is easy!”

Hector Perez of Mexico said he would “raise and train leaders on all levels to become church planters and share the vision, passion, and recourses that I received [at the summit].” He concluded that he will restructure “everything that we do as a church in order to focus all of the spiritual, human and material resources we have on the priorities of the Kingdom of God to bring forth a great harvest…And we will gather it in the name and power of Jesus.”

Multiply those responses by 28 and sift in the contexts of 9 countries and you can see a glimpse of how the Free Methodist Church in Latin America is fulfilling the Great Commission.

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