First Impressions of the Latin America Area

Glenn Lorenz
First Impressions of the Latin America Area

That Latin American Leadership Summit was my first opportunity to see the region’s leadership first hand.  I sat in the back next to JR Crouse, who was translating for me. My vantage point offered a prime position for observing the goings-on discreetly, and what I saw overwhelmed me with hope and possibility. 


The Setting: The whole conference was characterized by joy-filled relationships. Passionate seasons of worship and prayer punctuated the several days we shared with each other. 

The Work: I watched as high-level leaders from a dozen cultures interacted in harmony to make quality decisions about the development and implementation of strategies that they intend to roll out in their countries of ministry. I witnessed thoughtful leaders critically engaging new material, and contextualizing it to their own situations through careful questioning and small group processing. I had the privilege of sitting at table with many of the leaders, to talk personally and professionally about how the concepts that were presented in the sessions might work for the leader in his or her own context.

 The Kingdom: The maturity and heart of the Latin American church showed through in a special way over the course of the week. One of the countries represented currently faces extreme hardship from poverty, and governmental corruption is causing shortfalls of medications and personal care products. A national leader from another mission district stood up and suggested that during the week we take up a collection to send some needed supplies into the hurting country. By the end of the week, five very large suitcases filled with necessities, left the conference and made their way to the hands of doctors that needed them in the afflicted country. In this generous response to the need of brothers from another country, I heard echoes of the New Testament Church at work.  


So, the Free Methodist Church in Latin America works with the great expectation that it is the Lord of the Harvest who continues to call, train up, and develop workers for the harvest. Through proven strategies adopted by mature leaders, through passionate worship and sincere service to the King, and through the collaboration of loving hands together, we eagerly watch for more rapid expansion of the Kingdom in Latin America.  


written by Glenn Lorenz

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