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With over 43 million people, Argentina is the fourth largest country in Latin America -- after Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia. Its capital, Buenos Aires, is the third largest metro area with 15 million people.

Uruguay is a separate country but has cultural, linguistic, and historical similarities to Argentina. Two thirds of its 3.3 million citizens live in Montevideo, the capital city. The population of both countries is 90% urban.

There are two Free Methodist churches in Uruguay and 10 in Argentina. Half of the Argentinian churches are in the province of Buenos Aires. The others are in provincial capitals in the west and south of the country.

Pastor Ricardo Guerrero serves as district leader, while his wife Maria Elena Salas pastors the largest church. The Carmen de Areco FMC has 600 members and is a model of intergenerational, holistic ministry. Over the last decade the church has rescued, adopted, and raised over 50 boys from the streets. A cafeteria feeds neighborhood children before and after school. International Child Care Ministries sponsors some of the boys and Women’s Ministries International has helped to fund the cafeteria. The long-range vision is to start a school on property the church already owns, using teachers and educational administrators who are already part of the church.

There are four ordained pastors who together are working to train and prepare 22 ministerial candidates for ordination. These are the first fruits of many more leaders in development.


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Ricardo Guerrero

Pastor Argentina & Uruguay

Ricardo Guerrero

Pastor Argentina & Uruguay

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